I love connecting with corporate and student audiences about digital media, podcasts, and networking trends. I've spoken to audiences ranging in size from fireside chats to large auditoriums, in roles ranging from solo speaker, keynote speaker, panel guest, discussion moderator, and Q&A facilitator. I am also currently taking bookings for my speaking tour and office workshops around my first book, Reach Out

Past speaking engagements included New York’s Social Media Week, the New York Start-up Institute, Columbia Business School Alumni Club, 20-Something Bloggers Conference, The Li.st events, She’s the First Campus Leadership Summit, Lean In circles, Facebook Lives for brands like Women@Forbes, on local television morning shows, sorority events, and more. I am also an instructor at General Assembly, and have taught over 50 classes for them.

 You can see a full list of places I've spoken here, and testimonials are below. 

“Molly stole the show at the Smart Girls Conference. She was inspirational, yet relatable, in a room full of women of all ages. The feedback from her panel, and particularly her involvement in it, has been overwhelmingly positive. She delivered a powerful message on the power of personal branding in a way that resonated with all of our 300 attendees.” — Emily Raleigh, Founder, Spire & Co.

“Molly is an excellent speaker and her energy is infectious! When she spoke at our Blogger Brunch, we feasted on food while she dropped some serious blog knowledge on our group. She was thorough and well prepared and just like her blog she provided our community with great tips and resources on how to get your writing career started via a blogging. Highly recommend her!” — Nicole Monahan, Co-Founder, Women Who Brunch

We so appreciated Molly’s pointed ‘from the dais’ questions and commentary, which did so much to create the fresh, smart and ‘charming while getting to the quick of the matter’ tenor of the evening. – Kate Hartnick Elliott, Member of the Board, Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York