Featured in Business Insider. April 24 2017. 

Featured in Laura Vanderkam's Blog. April 10 2017. 

Featured in "7 Women-Run Podcasts That Will Make You A Smarter Human" for Career Contessa. March 13 2017. 

Quoted in "5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Side Hustle" for March 10 2017. 

Quoted in "7 Books That Should Be Required Reading Early In Your Career" for February 9 2017. 

"Must Read Interview for Podcasters with Molly Beck." Step Up Magazine. January 30 2017.

Selected as one of AllGroanUp's Best Resources for 20-Somethings. January 30 2017. 

Speaker at's Refinery29 Podcast Panel. December 6 2016. 

Facebook Live Event with Women@Forbes. November 1 2016. 

Global Online #FiresideChat moderated by UN Women Empower Women Global Champion Alysia Silberg. October 18 2016.

Quoted in Refinery 29. October 14 2016. 

"Four Motivational Podcasts Every Multipotentialite Should Listen To" on A Millennial's Guide to Life. October 5 2016.

Solo Speaker at Network of Women. September 22 2016. 

Solo Speaker at Manhattan’s High School of Fashion Industries. May 10 2016.

Co-hosted a workshop on Podcasting at Live: Werk!. May 9 2016.

Interviewed by The Creative Sides. March 10 2016.

Featured in “Festive Follow Friday” on Paige Backstage. December 4 2015.

First-round judge (second year in a row) at Techweek NYC’s LAUNCH Competition. October 15 2015.

Invited guest at the 2015 Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Summit. October 4 2015.

Reoccurring monthly judge/reviewer for Book of the Month Club. Debuted October 1 2015.

Invited guest at the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers’ conference on creating opportunities for woman in business. August 5 2015.

Panel speaker at Columbia University alumni event on innovation and disruptive industries. May 7 2015.

Featured In “5 Women Who Created Their Own Careers.” Her Campus. April 4 2015.

Interviewed on “Fresh Talk with Amy Leigh Mercree.” February 24 2015.

Interviewed for Her Campus’ “How She Got There” series. January 26 2015.

Interviewed by Talentedly. January 15 2015.

Interviewed by The Preppy Post Grad. December 31 2014.

Solo speaker at Tri Sigma’s NYC Lean In Circle. November 9 2014.

Quoted in Huffington Post. October 30 2014.

Featured in Forbes. October 21 2014.

Invited guest at the 2014 Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Summit. October 19 2015.

First-round judge at Techweek NYC’s LAUNCH Competition. October 2 2014.

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Quoted in Girl’s Life “Ace Life” column. October-November 2014 Issue.

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Mentor at She’s the First Campus Leadership Summit. August 8 2014.

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Solo Speaker at Women Who Brunch’s “Blogging Brunch” event. June 28 2014.

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Contributor to “Post Grad Advice” piece. May 29 2014.

Featured in “Blogs I’m Loving Lately.” Danielle Zeigler Coaching. April 15 2014.

Interviewed by The Careerists. April 7 2014.

“I love the Smart, Pretty & Awkward blog.” Cheeky Pink Tulip. April 7 2014.

Interviewed by the Smart Girls Guide. April 6 2014.

Panel Speaker at The Sound Research’s NYC Office Launch Party. April 3 2014.

Mention on FabulosiTEA podcast. March 21 2014.

Debut of weekly column in Parade Magazine. March 3 2014.

Panel Speaker at New York City’s Social Media Week. February 20 2014.

Interviewed by Ed at Indiana. February 7 2014.

“One of my favorite blogs in the whole world wide web is Smart, Pretty & Awkward. It’s short and sweet, so it’s easy to check frequently. Her advice and recommendations are great and uplifting too.” — The Happenings. January 3 2014.

Featured in Vivi e impara. December 30 2013.

Good advice from Molly, the blogger at Smart, Pretty & Awkward.” — The Pretty Guinea Pig. December 27 2013.

“Smart, Pretty, & Awkward is such a good blog…Go read the whole thing!” — Dr. Danielle Dowling. December 21 2013.

Mentioned in “The Easiest Way To Jump Start Your Creativity.” SEER Interactive. December 16 2013.

“Fireside Chat” with students at the NY Start-up Institute. December 9 2013.

Interviewed by Awkward Magazine. December 6 2013.

Guest Post on 40:20 Vision. November 29 2013.

Retweeted by @EverythingNYC [100K+ Followers]. October 15 2013.

“I’m liking the quirky format of blog Smart, Pretty and Awkward.” — Knitting on Trains. August 23 2013.

“Molly Ford is a genius and her blog, Smart, Pretty, and Awkward, never disappoints…Her tips are extremely helpful, her quotes are inspiring, she has the perfect book recommendations, and she’s definitely fun to read.” – The Do Good Diaries. August 13 2013.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is probably by far my favourite read in terms of online blogs! It is short, sweet and just a lot of fun.” — Petite Projects. August 9 2013.

Guest at Microsoft’s “Back 2 School” NYC Event. Coverage here. July 24 2013.

Interviewed by Miss Millennia Magazine. July 9 2013.

Guest Curator for Astrid & Miyu. May 9 2013.

Featured on This Is Why I Love NY. April 23 2013. [Re-blogged by BlogHer].

“If you aren’t already, visit Molly Ford’s Smart, Pretty & Awkward.”  – A Blog About Love. April 16 2013.

Featured in The Fête Blog’s Weekend Links. April 14 2013.

“I’m someone who struggles with social norms and graces…I like to keep an eye out for great life tip sites like Smart Pretty and Awkward, which gives tips to be little bit prettier (inside and out), a little bit smarter and a little less awkward.” — Wishin Good Luck. April 10 2013.

“A few times a week, Molly Ford, a NYC career gal, takes the time to post tips to be just a little bit smarter, a little prettier, and a little less awkward. This is the perfect pick-me-up on your lunch break. Her tips are witty and encouraging, and always seem to be just the thing you need at that very moment. Each post is headed with an inspirational quote, acting as the cherry on top of this sweet dose of daily advice.” — Roam + Reason. April 2 2013.

“A Round-up of Awesome Women Blogs.” Girl Lost in the City. March 26 2013.

Musana Jewelry March 2013 Ambassador of the Month. March 4 2013.

Interviewed by The College Novelista. February 19 2013.

“If you’re not reading and loving Smart Pretty and Awkward, then get with it!” — Welcome to Ladyville. February 13 2013.

Featured Quote in “Notes to Self” on WanderrGirl. January 15 2013.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward really is one of those blogs that EVERY girl should be reading.” — Dreams and Colour. January 11 2013.

“Got a Phone Interview? Make it Awesome, Not Awkward.” Lifehacker. December 13 2012. [Also published on Lifehacker Australia].

“A coworker of mine introduced me to the blog Smart, Pretty, and Awkward, and it has been a blog crush ever since. I love starting off my day by reading Molly Ford’s tips and fun facts.” — Little Moments of Happiness. December 3 2012.

Guest at Microsoft/Lucky Mag’s “Holiday Soiree” NYC Event. Coverage here and here. November 29 2012.

“Molly Ford has built a successful blog off a very simple formula: three short snippets every day to help you be smarter, prettier and (less) awkward. Fun but practical bite-sized tips you can implement right there and then.” — Awesome Advice Columns, NZ Muse. November 2 2012.

Interview on Lady Lux. November 1 2012.

“I like the short tips in Smart, Pretty and Awkward.” — Simple Productivity. October 16 2012.

“Molly is my favorite…Her blog premise is simple: three tidbits of life advice.” — The College Novelista. October 12 2012.

Guest Post on The Future Buzz. October 8 2012.

Debut of 10-column advice series for The Daily Muse, Why Don’t You Ask Molly Ford?. October 3 2012.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward: Just a fun read.” The Sweet Art. September 11 2012.

“A site with always useful topics and tips.” Fashion on the Run. September 6 2012.

Guest Post on The College Crush. August 16 2012.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is such a cute and useful site. Love the advice there!” — Actually Allie. August 10 2012.

“I look forward to Molly’s snippets of wisdom and reassurance much like I do a comforting cup of tea. Which is among the highest compliments I could give.” — Discoveries in a Letterbox. July 30 2012.

Guest at Microsoft/Maxim’s “Cool is in Session” NYC Event. Coverage here and here. July 25 2012.

“I’ve picked up more than a few tricks from Molly’s posts!” — Joie de Vivre. July 24 2012.

Interview on 9 Lives for Women. July 20 2012.

Named One of Forever Twenty-Something’s “15 Twitter Accounts to Follow”. June 29 2012.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is like Oprah for normal (read: weird and awesome) people.  I check in every day, and am a better person for it.” — Kate Oh Katie. June 15 2012.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward: Great advice and I love the quotes.” — Jen’s Top Ten Blogs That Aren’t About Books, The Broke and The Bookish. May 22 2012.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is an ingenious idea for a blog.” — 20-Something Ramblings. May 5 2012.

“Molly started her blog a few years ago and her followers have skyrocketed…Smart Pretty and Awkward is a gorgeous  blog and I sat there and read as many posts as I could the first time I came across it!” — A Broke Bride. April 29 2012.

Mentor at Saturday’s Speed Mentoring Breakfast on the topic “Finding Your Content Niche” and moderated a panel on “Blogging Lessons Learned” on Sunday during Texas Style Council. March 10 and 11 2012.

Interview on Texas Style Council. February 28 2012.

Interview on The Peer Pressure Project. February 16 2012.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is one of my favourite blogs…there are always brilliant seeds that make me really think.” — Cupcakes and Mace. January 13 2012.

Contributor to Defining Success on Polish My Crown. January 10 2012.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is cute, stylish, relatable, and quirky yet practical at the same time.” — Sparkle, Glitter & Shine. December 20 2011.

“At times, I wish I had the Smart, Pretty & Awkward blogger there to tell me exactly what to do.” — The Awkward Diaries on Her Campus. October 21 2011.

Guest Post on 40:20 Vision. October 4 2011.

Speaker at the Indie Biz Chicks Conference. “Blogging Basics.” September 27 2011.

Q&A on Polish My Crown. September 12 2011.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is basically a training manual for life, and it’s a good one at that.” — Intern Queen. August 25 2011.

Curated an Online Boutique at LovingEco. August 22 2011.

Speaker at 20-Something Bloggers Conference in Chicago, Illinois. August 20 2011. [Photo of panel here].

Staff Picks: Nerds with Style. StumbleUpon. July 22 2011.

10 Ways to Detox and De-Clutter Your Life Mid-Summer: #8 Find a Little Inspiration. College Fashion. July 18 2011.

Guest Post on Allstate’s Good Hands Community. July 12 2011.

“While [Smart Pretty and Awkward] is mostly geared towards college girls, guys might find some of the advice helpful, too.” — July 1 2011.

Debut of “Flash Friday” column series for 40:20 Vision. July 1 2011. [All columns here].

Sigma Spotlight: Molly Ford from Smart, Pretty and Awkward. June 24 2011.

Guest Post on 40:20 Vision. June 23 2011.

“Be Smarter, Prettier, and Less Awkward: A Lovely Blog.” College Gloss. June 21 2011.

“Recommended Reading: Smart, Pretty and Awkward.” Already Pretty. June 5 2011.

Guest Post on Fueled By Diet Coke. June 1 2011.

Contributor to The Freshmen 15. May 31 2011.

“Every post offers tips on how to be smarter, prettier and less awkward…self-improvement that doesn’t make you feel inadequate?  Tough to pull off. A+.” – Elizabeth Cornwell. May 29 2011.

“Check Out Our New Fave Blog!“ InStyle UK. May 19 2011.

Curated an Online Boutique at GS Lillian. May 17 2011.

Smart, Pretty and Awkward-inspired post on Her Campus. April 11 2011.

“Are you reading Smart, Pretty & Awkward? If not, you should be.” — High Plains Thrifter. April 2 2011.

Interview on Lulu’s A La Mode Blog. March 30 2011.

“I recently came across a blog that was so intriguing, it left me looking through the archives for hours. Molly, of Smart Pretty & Awkward, shares tid-bits…it’s great advice that captured my attention and made me feel more well-rounded just from reading.” — Embracing Twenty-something. March 28 2011.

Heard in the Blogosphere: Smart Pretty and Awkward Edition. Redbook Magazine. March 16 2011.

Television Appearance on St. Louis’ KMOV-Channel 4 Morning Program, Great Day St. Louis. February 18 2011. 

Guest Post on PrettyCity. February 8 2011. 

“Smart Pretty and Awkward inspires me to notice the beauty that is already within as well as the beauty in the quiet struggle: we are not alone.” — Kentucky Kernel and Forever Fatimah. February 2 2011.

“Blog You Should Be Reading: Smart Pretty and Awkward” on Yes and Yes. January 29 2011.

“Have you been to Smart Pretty and Awkward? If not, take a seat and a cup of coffee, and get ready to laugh!” — The Glitter Collective. January 20 2011.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward might be my new favorite blog…you won’t regret the subscription.” — One Pearl Button. January 14 2011.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is simply brilliant.” — Already Pretty. January 7 2011.

“Imagine mixing Mrs. Manners, Vogue, and Stumbleupon. That’s what you get with Smart Pretty and Awkward.” — Clair Sworth. January 5 2011.

Interview on Fashionably Marketing. January 4 2011.

Guest Poem on Healthy Obsessions of a Girlie Tomboy. December 30 2010.

Guest Post on Avoiding a Quarter-Life Crisis. December 28 2010.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is a quick read, but reliable — Molly always has great ideas to help readers improve their etiquette in the workplace and beyond, as well as interesting articles and websites to check out.” — “So It Must Be True…” December 17 2010.

“[Smart Pretty and Awkward] is run by a girl named Molly Ford, who finds a thrill in sharing her thoughts on life…Warning: her posts can get a little addicting.” — SWEATshirt/DRESSshirt. October 12 2010.

Mention in the Life and Money column on September 14 2010.

Guest Post on So About What I Said. August 23 2010.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is such a great idea…It’s just so sweet and has some great ideas.” — Blah Blah Blah. August 11 2010.

“I don’t usually follow blogs…but I love this blog. Smart Pretty and Awkward updates almost everyday…it’s never overwhelming or condescending.” — Only the Gentle Are Every Really Strong. August 10 2010.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is a fantastic blog which has captured my attention. It’s witty, wise, and pertinent to life, and I suggest checking it out when you get a chance.” — Taking Poetic License. August 1 2010.

“Cubicle Chic likes to think we can relate to Molly, the founder of SP&A, on all levels. Along with our obvious fascination with fashion, we are both by-the-books-smart with a penchant for doing silly things…like Molly, we believe it’s quite all right to be all three (smart, pretty AND awkward)” — Cubicle Chic. July 30 2010.

“Everyday, a new tip on how to be smarter, prettier, and less awkward…they are like write-on-your-mirror-because-they-are-so-useful kind of tips!” — Mere Words of Love. July 21 2010.

“I love Molly’s posts, especially how she uses quotes for her titles. That is really very clever… plus, her tips and tricks are pretty helpful, too. This is definitely a blog to check out and it’s even all right if you’re a guy, too. This advice is for anyone who is interested on different points of view.” – Random-Aleatoire. July 21 2010.

Interview with July 14 2010.

Guest Post on Journey-Work. July 11 2010.

Interview with The Urban Dater. June 18 2010.

“Weekly Blogosphere Roundup.” Handbag Heaven. May 28 2010.

“My Ultimate Daily Distractions.” An American Girl’s Adventure Down Under. May 18 2010.

“With 3 little tips a day I think that girl is onto something… I have to say I spent a good hour or so digging back into her archives to read up on what I’ve missed.” – A Little Bit of Life. May 11 2010.

“Molly Ford gives tips and just generally good advice….” – The How-To Gal. May 1 2010.

“Molly Ford blogs every business day…it’s a definite read for any female, and it’s highly addictive.” – Oh So Katie Diane. April 21 2010.

“Chapman’s Favorite Blogs.” The Prowl. Spring 2010 Issue.

Lodis Press Page. April 9 2010.

Guest Post “Tips for all the Players in Your Big Day” on The Wedding Belle. March 28 2010

Interview in Everyday to Runway. March 22 2010.

“Who doesn’t want to be smarter, prettier and less awkward? There’s just something about reading it that makes me feel satisfied.” — Outside the Wall, March 9 2010

“This blog is ran by a lovely young lady named Molly Ford, who eloquently provides a tip on how to live smarter, how to make yourself look (and feel) prettier, and how to live (and feel) less awkward. I also love her quoted entry titles.” — Which Way To Love Land?, March 4 2010

Quote of the Day: Clingy Couples. Meg’s Mumbo. February 24 2010.

“Smart Pretty and Awkward, a popular blog with daily tips on how to be smarter, prettier, and less awkward, says Please Fire Me will make your workplace feel less awkward.” — Please Fire Me, February 19 2010

“One my favorite sites: Smart Pretty and Awkward. I check her site daily and I think Molly is fabulous.” — Forever Fatty. February 17 2010

“Molly Ford: the ever knowing! I’ve learned: the little things can matter, useful information is, well, useful, and how to be more smart…more pretty and a little less awkward.” — Jolie Jamie, January 5 2010

“This has got to be the most valuable blog I have read in a LONG time” — Popcorn & Chocolate Syrup. December 28 2009.

“Check out my new favorite website…being smarter, prettier, and less awkward never hurts.” — Instinctive Fashion. December 19 2009.

“Molly Ford amazes us with her refreshing insights. She covers everything from how to rock patterned tights to friendships.” — House of Mern, November 2 2009

“For a couple of months, I’ve been taking semi-regular advice from Molly Ford’s blog…I especially like her style in that it has a classic touch — it reminds me of one of those Miss Manners books — without being condescending.” –Etcology, November 1 2009

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is one of my favorite sites…”--PamFriedNoodles, September 17 2009

“A blog that manages to provide a wealth of inspiration through its simplicity.” — Avoiding A Quarter-Life Crisis, September 10 2009

“Smart Pretty and Awkward is a blog that pulls me in almost daily because it has a single theme, a single path, that everyone looks forward to.” — Moshi moshi, Addi-desu!, August 31 2009

Quoted in Boston Globe, “Brow Beaten” by Kate M. Jackson, August 20 2009.

“I started reading Smart, Pretty, and Awkward last semester, and it quickly became a daily thing. As you may have gathered by now, I may not be the most tactful person, and Molly’s tips, hints, and advice smooth out my rough Vermont girl edges quite nicely.” –Sex and The College Girl, July 15 2009

“It’s current and witty….the fashion advice is absolutely spot on.” — Website Review: Smart Pretty and Awkward, May 18 2009